OBB's Team Members are individuals from all walks of life with various careers, skills, and experience levels. They reside in different areas of the USA, Canada, and the West Indies.  

Harold​ ​Ximines 
Dr. Sandra​ ​Stewart-Ximines

Dr. Sasha Black-Perry
Dr. Kenisha​ ​Reid-Scott
Pastor Sheldon Smith
 Jeannette Francis, NP
Pastor Sheldon Bryan
Pastors  & Mrs. Simms
Daniel Francis, RN
Denise​ ​Brown
Delroy Coleman, PA
Brother John
Dr. Kurt King
Frank Benjamin
Dr. Charity Wip
Pastor Marcel & Mrs. Irene Whip
Sandy Brown, RN
Karen Roper, RN
Calcine Smith
Joseph Fortune, PA
Dr. Lindon & Mrs. Sharee Leach, RN
June Francis
Pastors and  Mrs Reid
Evangelist Parker
Dr. Leeroy & Lorain Coleman, RN
Dr. Andrea Trusty-King
Pastor Anthony Paschal