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Current Situation


We have a unique program in that we attract those that really want to give back to those that are less fortunate. Our volunteers range from teenagers to 85-year-old senior citizens, males and females, interest range from high school students to retired Anesthetist, retired Dentist, General Practitioners, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Surgeons, Educators, Religious Ministers, Counselors, Photographers, Accountants, Nutritionists, Pharmacists who are US Citizens (from several states) to Canadians and Caribbean Natives. Recently we have started the international venture in the rural hills of Jamaica: Blue Hole Community. We served 360 participants, worked with over 100 children in the summer week-long program donating gifts and school supplies. Over 50 people received professional counseling and medical facilities including hospitals received donations in the form of medical supplies. Due to the overwhelming need and multiple request, we returned and the same services were rendered and more participants participated. Volunteers from the US were excited and felt fulfilled about their mission. We saw over 1500 patients, gave out over 800 reading glasses and distributed contents of a 40-foot boxcar trailer; on any given day there were over 300 children learning songs, doing arts and crafts, playing games and reading books, they were fed each day with cooked meals by the team members. At the end of the week all participants received a bag with gifts ranging from backpacks, toys, school supplies, reading books and games.  We look forward with anticipation for 2019 and the lives that will be transformed by the services that will be rendered. It’s an honor to serve people in need here and across the globe.

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