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We are currently providing all-inclusive programs here in the United States and abroad


International Outreach (IO) is the off-shoot of our “Outreach Wellness Program.” We understand that even as challenging as it is to help those here in our own communities in the Inland Empire, those in other countries around the globe have an even bigger need; so we have expanded our programming to those abroad. Our goal is being better human beings; everywhere.

OBB Overseas (OBBO) we currently travel to Jamaica (and in the future to other potential countries i.e. Ghana, St. Vincent, Belize, Trinidad, Bahamas) where we provide healthcare, in the form of medicines, physician provided healthcare services, vision care, food, and clothing... We are challenged in the area of shipping cost to these countries and could really use your support.


OBB Overseas Community Facility (OCF) a brick and mortar venue that would allow us to have a consistent inventory location that we can store, ship to, and dispense from in Jamaica and in other countries around the globe... this is a future objective of OBB. 

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