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Operation Big Blessing 2018 Medical Missionary Ministry will be in Old Harbour, Jamaica. Old Harbour is in the parish of St. Catherine on the southeastern side of the beautiful, tropical isle of Jamaica. Old Harbour has one of the highest and fastest growth rates in Jamaica and is projected to remain so in the future. The population increased from 17,966 in 1991 to 29,835 in 2005. The population of Old Harbour is growing steadily and spilling over into Old Harbour Bay and other surrounding communities. (Source: Planning Institute of Jamaica, 2009). The population currently stands at approximately 80,000  Originally called Esquivel after its Spanish founder, it was once Spanish Town’s second port, when the latter was capital of Jamaica, and was famous for shipbuilding. After a period of decline,  it is now important for shipping bauxite as well as sugarcane, tropical fruit, and coffee. In 1940 the U.S. Navy leased land on nearby Little Goat Island and established a base there that was used during World War II

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